Liz Maier makes hand-silvered and verre églomisé mirrors. Her mirrors reflect clearly through an ethereal veil of materiality. The result is a mirror that is functional while also conjuring the contemplative spirit that mirrors once embodied.

As a frame designer, Liz designs innovative, modern mouldings.  She believes that although a frame’s role is as an aesthetic complement, that it should also be an object of beauty in its own right.

Frame-making and mirror-making are lost arts, mainly carried out today in the form of antique reproductions, if at all. Liz believes in engaging with the tradition of frame-making and mirror-making as living art forms.  

Liz works with interior designers, architects, and private collectors around the world.  Her mirrors can be found in private collections as far as Paris, London, Moscow, Sydney and Berlin.

Artist Statement

We pass by mirrors every day, forgetting that they were once of humanity's most coveted and mysterious objects.  As a mirror-maker I aim to recapture the lost history of mirrors as personally transformative and materially rare.

I remember the first time I looked into an antique mercury mirror.  In its deep, blue, cavernous reflection I saw myself in a way that seemed distant and unfamiliar.  It made me wish for a world where mirrors could show us who we are instead of how we appear.  That experience continues to inspire every mirror that I make today.

Customer Feedback


12K White Gold Mirror, Waxed Black Handmade Frame

"I wanted more than a mirror to hang on my wall. I wanted something unique. Liz's mirrors are that and more, they are individual works of art. Functional as a mirror, reflecting light and images, but also intriguing and captivating art. This is my second mirror I have purchased from Liz and I highly recommend her for her wonderful artistry and great business transaction. She includes the proper hardware with the mirror so all you need is a hammer, and a wall, and they are ready to hang. Beautiful mirror."


Custom hand-silvered mirror in rusted handmade frame

Small convex mirror in purple stained frame

"This isn't a mirror. It's a portal into another world. Beautiful, haunting, and one step away from a fairy tale. Even my husband, who normally doesn't care for such things, loves it. Thank you, Liz!"


"I fell in love with this mirror at once I saw it and I knew I had to have it. When I opened the package and held the mirror, I couldn't stop smiling! It's even prettier in person. Gorgeous, interesting, mysterious... A true piece of art! It was very well packed also. Thank you so much."