Custom Framing

Liz designs and mills her own original mouldings and also works with traditional architectural shapes and vintage frames.  Every frame is hand-finished after it's joined for seamless miters.  Finishes range from stain and wax, to paints and caseins, to gilding and reactive metals.  Each finish is developed specifically for your project.


Design Philosophy

Liz views frame-making and frame-design as a living process, not something limited to antique reproductions.  She uses traditional methods, but with a contemporary design sense.

A balanced frame is about the details, like the shade of the finish or the angles of the moulding. Hand-finishing is essential to creating a lively, nuanced and organic relationship between the frame & the artwork. 

A well-designed frame looks like it’s been there along. It is the perfect balance of invisible & integral.

Moulding Design

website moulding.jpg

Liz Maier specializes in designing original mouldings. She has extensive experience in designing historically inspired mouldings, original modern shapes, and mouldings for artists.

Although a moulding's purpose is an an accent or secondary enhancement, it should be an object of beauty in its own right.  A great moulding shape is graceful, refined and subtle.

Liz designs modern shapes with classical elements, often referring back to 13th - 15th century museum frames for inspiration and authenticity.

Sometimes a project needs a totally one of a kind solution and a frame unlike any other.  In those cases, Liz designs and mills one of a kind moulding specifically for your project.