A Beautiful Book: Frames in the Robert Lehman Collection

I've been reading Frames in the Robert Lehman Collection by Timothy Newbery which is currently on sale/clearance at the Met Museum store.

In the course of building his extensive art collection, collector Robert Lehman also accumulated over four hundred picture frames.  In this book, frame historian and frame-maker Timothy Newbery surveys the collection.  The book is filled with stunning photographs, many of which can also be found on the Met's website.

Engaged cassetta frame on polyptych panel, ca. 1380

I love to collect and read books about frames and this one might be my new favorite.  All too often, picture frame history is evaluative; i.e. we are given a narrow perspective of frames based on what the author considers most representative of the time period.  In contrast, the Lehman collection gives a better sense of unbiased variety, a true survey of frame history that leaves the reader to develop her own thoughts and insights.

Tabernacle Mirror Frame 1550- 1580, 19 5/8" x 14 1/4"

The other reason I love this book is the detail that Newbery provides. Almost every frame is accompanied by a profile drawing and a detail of ornament, as well as condition notes, descriptions of joinery, etc.

Late 16th century spanish cassetta frame with sgraffito

Additional detail from Newberry's book, pg. 292

The detail and information given for each frame is exhaustive.  It's a really fun book to get in to if you love frames.  

This book is at the Met Museum Store online and Amazon, and if you're interest in a shorter book by Newberry, try this one.